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Studio Policy and Information

Please take the time to read over the Studio Policies.


Each year current students are given the opportunity to re-register for fall lessons and reserve a lesson time with a $40 deposit per student and completed form.  Deposit for current student is applied to September fees. Re-registration for current students is due the 3rd Saturday of May.

New families may contact the studio by email at to schedule a complimentary consultation. Silver Creek Music Academy values the opportunity to meet with potential students to discuss questions that you and your child may have concerning music lessons.  If you choose to study with Silver Creek Music Academy, you may reserve a time at the studio with a non-refundable registration fee of $40.  


All students are required to have their own instruments to bring to lessons (except for piano students) and to practice at home for daily practicing. Students should have the proper instrument (as recommended by their teacher) to practise at home. All students will need a metronome or a metronome app.


Tuition is based upon enrolment in monthly lessons of private music instruction (September - June).  The fees for 2018/2019 are:

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Payment for lessons are due on the 1st of the month. A $25 late fee is applied on late, NSF or returned payments.

Fees include:

  • weekly lessons (excluding statutory, Christmas holidays and other studio closures). Please check your calendar for details.
  • Preparation for RCM piano and theory examinations(for students enrolled in RCM certificate program)
  • Preparation for performances at music festival, recitals, concerts, and community events and auditions.
  • 2 makeup lessons when available during the academic year (September – June). No refunds for missed lessons.
  • 2 Performance Rehearsals each in November and May (for a total of 4) for students performing in the Christmas Concert in December and Year-end recital in June.
  • "Refresh" recital held in September
  • Participation in the Christmas and Year-end recital
  • Studio competitions and other studio events.


Students are enrolled in either The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) certificate program or the Contemporary Music Enrichment(CME) program or Open program.

The RCM certificate program Students in the RCM certificate program of study are expected to complete all theory prerequisite and requisites for each certificate level and participate in RCM practical and theory examinations as recommended by the teacher. Students may register for classes in rudiments/theory/history/harmony or private lessons to complete prerequisites or co-requisites for their specific RCM level. New students with prior playing experience may be assessed to determine their theory knowledge and to determine their theory level. An assessment fee may be applicable.

Students are awarded RCM certificates and diplomas upon successful completion of each practical level and its co-requisites. Students may enter the Certificate Program at any level from Preparatory A to Level 10. Completion of Levels 7 & 8 may qualify students to earn up to 2 elective credits towards their secondary school diploma in Ontario.

The CME programThe CME program is for students interested in learning to play contemporary music such as pop, rock, jazz, and a range of popular music. Although there are no exams in this program, students can achieve certificates for completion of levels. The CME program provides a good foundation to help students develop sound technical skills. Students have the opportunity to learn to improvise, arrange, transpose and to “jam” with other students. Students will be taught theoretical concepts during lessons to enhance their learning. However, students may also take separate, formal theory lessons either privately or in a class format to further their musical studies.Specific goals are established with the teacher at the first lesson and may be modified throughout the year as per student/parent/teacher learning goals.

Open programThis is a good option for students that just want to try out lessons and/or want to learn at their own pace in a less structured program. It is a great way to learn a new instrument, pick up on new skills or learn a new piece(s).

Students may switch from one program to another depending on individual goals. Open discussion with teacher/parent is encouraged so that teacher expectations are kept in line with student goals and objectives.

All lessons are held at St. Andrew’s United Church, 89 Mountainview Road South, Georgetown, Ontario , L7G 4T9, (basement). Lessons are teacher and student only.


Lessons are student and teacher only. Students should arrive on time for his/her lesson and have all their books and supplies in an appropriate music bag. Students should come prepared with homework completed and lessons practised. Piano students should be reminded to clip nails. Students will long nails or marker/paint-stained fingers will not be permitted to play on the piano.

When two or more children in the same family take private lessons, one child should wait outside the room until he/she is called in for their lesson.


Music performance plays an important role in a student’s musical development at the studio.   All students at the studio are provided with performance opportunities in various events as follows:

At times throughout the year, the teacher may offer events to help develop or improve a certain skill set, to engage or to help motivate students to achieve specific goals.  

These events are communicated via email newsletters or updates and are also posted on the website via student portal at 

As part of the studio whole education experience, students may be asked to participate in various musical ensembles.This is an invaluable experience for your child to perform with other students and to learn how to play various ensembles with others. Please advise teacher if you do not wish your child to participate in these musical ensembles.


Deserving students are presented with studio awards at the yearend recital. The various categories are listed on the website.


A consistent, daily practice routine is the key to success and progress with music. Students need to prepare for every lesson by making progress on all parts of the weekly assignment. This requires a commitment to reading the assignment and practicing at home every day. Parents will need to take on an active role in establishing the positive routine of spending time with music every day.  Create a quiet space and schedule piano practice into the daily routine.

Your child will have much more fun learning music if you provide a quality instrument that sounds and feels nice to play. All students need to have an instrument at home for daily practicing. Piano students should have a tuned, acoustic piano in good working condition. Digital pianos must have 88 weighted keys and proper foot pedals. When you are setting up your music room, please think about providing good lighting and be sure to have a metronome, pencils and sticky notes close by.

"Doodle" practise is absolutely welcome! Some students tend to trail away from practicing their homework as assigned and instead "doodle" play.  "Doodle" play is actually the beginnings of improvisational playing. Do encourage them to "doodle" play but structure it in so that they complete their assigned homework also!


Parent support is a key element to your child's success and progress in music lessons. Parents are not required to have any musical background/experience to help their children with music lessons. Sharing an interest in your child’s progress but keeping in touch with teacher and providing attention and support are best first steps. Reviewing your child’s lesson notes in the student portal or music dictation book regularly helps keep your children focused on the practice objectives for the week.

Helping your child create a practise routine/schedule will help your child stay on track with progress.

Supporting your child by ensuring he/she participates in events as recommended by the teacher will help provide the experience necessary to enrich your child’s development, confidence and success in piano and nurture a life-long love for music.


Silver Creek Music Academy celebrates all that technology and multi-media have to offer, keeping music lessons relevant and engaging to your children, but if ever there is an image, video that you wish to have removed Silver Creek Music Academy will respectfully do so.


The studio website is Parents and students can view lesson notes for practise at home, scheduled lessons, important dates and events, and billing information, updates and studio news. Cancelling and rescheduling lessons are done through the website. Attendance is taken by teacher and lesson notes are posted in the student portal calendar on the website. Parents and students are encouraged to view these lessons notes to ensure that homework instructions are understood and consistently practised at home. A username and password are required to log on.



Achievement in Royal Conservatory Examinations is recognized for credit toward secondary school graduation. Achievement in the Certificate Program of Royal Conservatory Examinations is also considered an important element in entrance requirements for professional music programs at many universities and colleges across North America.


Secondary school students may obtain volunteering credits by volunteering in the various events throughout the year including but not limited to:

MMTA monthly recitals

Biennial Milton Music Festival

ORMTA music festival and Grand concert.

ORMTA Students Awards and concert


Candidates who have a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) may be eligible to use these funds to support private studies in music at the Grade 9, Grade 10, and ARCT levels. Please consult your RESP provider for more information.


Studio preference is to maintain consistent instruction with your children to keep progress and motivation on track. If a lesson is cancelled rescheduling may not always be possible. These are the studio policies regarding lesson cancellations:

Makeup lessons: A maximum of 2 makeup lessons per academic year is allowed (regardless of reason for cancellation). Cancellations are made via the website at Cancellations must in the morning of the student’s lesson for a makeup credit to be generated.There are no refunds for missed /cancelled lessons. A rescheduling service on the website is available to help students stay on track with progress. Available timeslots will be posted on the calendar in the student portal. If there is a cancellation, that available time will be shown as available on the calendar also. Parents should check the calendar page regularly to view current openings for possible makeup lesson time slots. If there is a suitable time available, simply register for that time slot. Please keep in mind that you need to cancel a lesson before attempting to register for a makeup lesson.

Notice for Cancellations: A parent should cancel lesson in student portal via when a lesson is going to be cancelled. Please do not pass this task onto your children during valuable lesson time.

Teacher Cancelled Lessons:a suitable substitute teacher will be provided when there is a teacher-cancelled lesson. If no suitable substitute teacher is available, student will be provided with a makeup lesson credit.

Storm Days: If school is cancelled for a storm day, you may assume that lessons will take place as usual since the roads are generally clear by afternoon. Please use your own judgment and email the studio if you feel uncomfortable with transportation and check the website for rescheduling options.

Holidays: The studio closes during statutory holidays. Check calendar for other closures.

Illness: Please do not send your children to piano lessons if they are contagious with a flu or virus.


All students stop taking lessons at some point. Ideally, this decision is made thoughtfully with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parent and student so we can complete the year with a positive sense of closure. If a situation arises in which a family must discontinue lessons mid-year (for example: moving), the studio requires written notice from the parent and one month of paid notice.

When you register for lessons, please be prepared to make the commitment from September through June, as it can be difficult to fill your reserved lesson time mid-year. If there is a problem at any time, please call the Studio Director so we can help make necessary changes. The journey of music study is full of ups and downs, which teachers have navigated many times. Please keep the teacher in the conversation and let's enjoy the journey from beginning to end.

Please be advised that a student may also be de-registered from the studio for the following reasons:

  • Inappropriate amount of absences,
  • Frequently late for lessons
  • Frequently unprepared for lessons,
  • Unpaid tuition