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Saxophone Lessons

Fun, customized, and totally awesome music lessons happen here! 

Learn to play a reed instrument!

Saxophone Program Synopsis:

  • University trained musicians
  • Use proper breath control, fingering, and articulations
  • Get a head in the school band program with extra one on one instruction
  • Prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music Exams, festivals, and auditions


Our Amazing and Talented Teacher:

Lino Varano,  B.Mus., B.Ed., O.T.C., M.Mus., M.Bus.

Don’t own a Saxophone? No problem! Ask our staff and we can help point you in the right direction to finding the right fit, with either rental or purchase options.


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89 Mountainview Rd. S.,  Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 4T9

(located inside St. Andrew's Church)