Silver Creek Music Academy

The goal of music lessons is to teach music in a way that is fun, yet structured, so as to encourage creativity through the discipline of focused daily practice.  Emphasis is placed on the need for good technique, careful listening and telling the story of each piece of music through the phrases and dynamics. 

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Piano Lessons

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At Silver Creek Music Academy, students enrolled in piano lessons are taught directly on upright pianos, so they become accustomed to the touch and tone. We place emphasis on proper arm and hand positioning, and fingering, building a solid foundation from your very first lesson. Beginners will learn note recognition, counting/rhythmic notation, and sight-reading to build up their musicality. Intermediate to Advanced students will fine-tune these skills, in addition to ear-training, theory, advancing repertoire etc. Recitals, music competitions and festivals, and RCM Examinations are optional, but are encouraged to build confidence and give one a sense of responsibility and accomplishment – they are also great lessons in perseverance, presence, and showmanship. Repertoire ranges from classical to pop to jazz.

There are many benefits to studying with a Piano Teacher at Silver Creek Music Academy. Some of these benefits include:

  • The assurance of sound musical curriculum and competent, knowledgeable instruction by dedicated professional teachers.
  • The ongoing opportunity to perform at monthly recitals and festivals.
  • The option to study a variety of musical styles including classical, modern, pop, jazz and blues.
  • Private or group lessons.
  • Opportunities for development of musical excellence through participation in the certificate program of The Royal Conservatory of Music and accredited music festivals.

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89 Mountainview Rd. S.,  Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 4T9

(located inside St. Andrew's Church)

Did you know...  
"A person is excused from attendance at school if the person is absent from school for the purpose of receiving instruction in music and the period of absence does not exceed one-half day in any week."  
Source: Part II - School Attendance, Section 21, 2(e)  
Ontario Education Act, R.S.O 1990