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At Silver Creek Music Academy, new students enrolled in flute lessons will work on proper breathing techniques, clarity, turning, and reading music, building a solid foundation from your very first lesson. Attention will also be given to posture, fingering, stage presence and showmanship. Intermediate to advanced students will build on the above, and are encouraged to participate in RCM Examinations, competitions and music festivals, recitals and other performance opportunities. 

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Flute Program Synopsis:

  • There are many benefits to studying with a Band Instrument Specialist at Silver Creek Music Academy. Some of these benefits include: 
    • University trained musician
    • The assurance of sound musical curriculum and competent, knowledgeable instruction by dedicated professional teacher.
    • Learn breath control, embouchure, lip positioning, tone development, tonguing and articulating
    • The ongoing opportunity to perform at monthly recitals and festivals.
    • The option to study a variety of musical styles including classical, modern, pop, jazz and blues.
    • Opportunities for development of musical excellence through participation in the certificate programs of The Royal Conservatory of Music and accredited music festivals. 
    • Whether you are wanting to get ahead in band class, get your ARCT in the Royal Conservatory of Music, play in a festival or have just always dreamt of playing this beautiful instrument


Don’t own a flute yet? No problem! Contact us and we can help point you in the right direction to finding the right fit, with either rental or purchase options. 


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